Affilates and Journals and Publications in 1944

NCFR affiliates had the following meetings in 1944: The Pacific Northwest affiliate met in Spokane, WA. The Groves Conference met at the North Carolina College for Negroes. The 1944 volume of Marriage and Family Living carried several articles published by the famous psychologist Carl Rogers as well as by Evelyn Millis Duvall, John F. Cuber, and Reuben Hill.

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Membership and Awards in 1944

The general membership of NCFR continued to grow, and during this period many students were encouraged to join NCFR at special student fee rates. Awards had not been given in the two previous years, so two leaders were honored with Awards of Merit at the Annual Conference: Dr. Adolph Meyer was given the Award of Merit  in appreciation of his years of service to NCFR as its third president and his prestigious contributions to the understanding of human behavior and whole personality. Ethel S. Dummer was recognized for her pioneer services in founding the first Institute for Child Research in the world and […]

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Structure and Governance in 1944

After the resignation of Mary K. White in 1942 as NCFR’s first Executive Director, a replacement was not hired for 2 years, partially because during that time an Annual Conference was not being held because of the war. However, at the 1944 conference Dr. Evelyn Millis Duvall, then Executive Secretary of the Chicago Association of Child Study and Parent Education, offered her services for $1.00 per year salary. Her autobiography can be found in Pioneering Paths in the Study of Families: Lives and Career of Family Scholars (Haworth Press, 2001); however, because of her impressively diverse background, a brief description from her […]

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1944 Conference: Problems Facing the Family in the Post War Period

The fourth Annual Conference was held June 18–20 at the Stevens Hotel, Chicago. The theme was “Problems Facing the Family in the Post War Period.” It was intended to be a “working” conference rather than one comprising paper presentations. By this time, seven study committees had been formed, and each of them conducted “roundtables” at the conference. The overarching concern permeating discussions appeared to be the professional education of marriage and family counselors. This focus arose from the issues of the military returning from a bloody war and the fact that the family disciplines were fairly new. The standing committees reflected many of these […]

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