Journals and Publications in 1961–62

The August issue 1962 of Marriage and Family Living carried a timely article by Clark E. Vincent:  “Teenage Illegitimacy: A Pisgah Perspective.” The Teacher Exchange section was no longer available as a reprint, according to the journal: “Since believe that high school family life educators would find the whole journal useful in their work, we are ceasing separate circulation of the Teacher Exchange and are giving present subscribers the opportunity to subscribe to Marriage and Family Living at the reduced rate of $3.75 for the first year. The journal will continue to carry the Teacher Exchange as one of its departments.” A […]

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Awards in 1961–62

David Mace appointed a committee to reexamine the Ernest Burgess Award goals and procedures. Lee Burchinal was the chair, with Charles Bowerman, William Kephart, and Gerald Leslie as members. The award that year was given to Melvin Kohn, for the best research-length article, and to Reuben Hill, J. Mayone Stycos, and Kurt Back for the best research monograph. Read the report of the Burgess Award evaluation committee

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Membership in 1961–62

NCFR began to offer international courtesy subscriptions and memberships to foreign scholars. In 1962, they were given to Korea, Peru, the West Indies, West Germany, and Tokyo. Read the February 1962 NCFR Newsletter Read the March 1962 NCFR Newsletter Read the May 1962 NCFR Newsletter Read the October 1962 NCFR Newsletter

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Structure and Governance in 1961–62

Aaron Rutledge was appointed as NCFR’s representative to the ongoing Council of National Organizations for the White House Conference on Children and Youth and to the American National Council for Health Education of the Public. NCFR’s annual income was $41,087.40 that year.

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Leadership in 1961–62

David Mace became the 19th President of NCFR. He was a native of Scotland, a prolific writer and world traveler. Mace has said that he probably never would have thought of coming to the United States if it had not been for NCFR leader David Fulcomer, whom he had met in London during World War II and who set up a program for him that made the trip possible. He and his wife, Vera Mace, moved to the United States in 1949. Mace was a professor at Drew University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Bowman Gray School of Medicine. He and Vera served […]

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Membership and Journals and Publications in 1960–61

A membership directory was published in the February 1961 issue of Marriage and Family Living. Read the March 1961 NCFR Newsletter Read the May 1961 NCFR Newsletter Read the October 1961 NCFR Newsletter Marriage and Family Living published two special issues that year—”Family Research Around the World” and “Women and Work”—under Editor Ivan Nye. In February 1961, Lester A. Kirkendall became the editor of the Teacher Exchange section of the journal. William Smith became a contributing editor. In May, an article by Joel Moss and Ruby Gingles on teenage marriage was published. Marvin B. Sussman called the Teacher Exchange section “a magnificent service […]

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Structure and Governance in 1960–61

During 1960–1961, a major reorganization of NCFR’s sections, with Blaine R. Porter as chair of the committee in charge of this, was begun. It was the last year that the conference was organized around the nine sections of (1) Counseling, (2) Research, (3) Religion, (4) Early Child Development, (5) Family Life Education in Colleges, (6) Family Life Education in the Schools, (7) Family Life Education in the Community, (8) Parent Education, and (9) Economic Aspects of Family Security. From this point on, there would only be four sections: (1) Counseling, (2) Research, (3) Education, and (4) Special Emphases.

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1961 Conference: Our Differences and Our Common Ground

The 1961 Annual Conference was held in Salt Lake City, UT, August 23–25. The theme was “Our Differences and our Common Ground.” David Mace was the program chair. Veon Smith and Hulda V. Garrett were local arrangements co-chairs. The plenary address, given by Opert Tanner of University of Utah, was titled “Difference, Tolerance, and Cooperation.” Other sessions dealt with ethical, ideological, and religious differences. The attendees stayed in dormitory rooms on the campus at a cost of $2.50–$4.00 per night for twin bedded rooms. An outdoor dinner and Alpine Loop scenic trip added another $5.00, and conference registration was $5.00.  A special seminar on […]

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Leadership in 1960–61

The 18th President of NCFR was Harold T. Christensen, a Fulbright Scholar who was a professor at Purdue University and whose specialty research was on cross-cultural families. His work was known and respected worldwide. The following is an excerpt from Christensen‘s Presidential Address: “Love, sex, marriage, and parenthood are subjects of intrinsic interest to nearly everyone. Perhaps this is so because they represent experiences common to all mankind, and also because the motives which impel them and the consequences which spring from them are rather deep-seated in human personality and far-reaching in terms of human satisfactions. Family phenomena constitute important […]

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