Affiliates in 1966–67

“Feedback,” a new newsletter for the NCFR affiliates, debuted in September 1967. The first editor was J. Obert Kempson, chair of the affiliates. The issue discussed clarification of roles and leadership for action. At the 1967 annual business meeting a motion was passed that “The Executive Committee [would] appoint a committee to define affiliated groups and to develop standards and guidelines for such groups; that the committee be instructed to prepare a structure which would lead to complete local affiliation, including the relationship of the local representatives of the agencies affiliated on a national level, and that such a structure be incorporated into […]

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Journals and Publications in 1966–67

The special issue of the Journal of Marriage and the Family (JMF) that year focused on “Government Programs and the Family.” Existing programs and their relationship to the structure and functions of American families were reviewed. This was supported financially by the Russell Sage Foundation. In the May JMF issue, Rose Somerville presented a selection of articles in which authors attempted to clarify the relation between sex education and family life education. Professor Gerrit A. Kooy of the Netherlands became the International Editor for JMF. He had received the first full professorship in family sociology in the Netherlands.

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Awards in 1966–67

Harold T. Christensen was awarded the Burgess Award. He was cited “for having pioneered the method of record linkage to overcome limitations of interviews and questionnaires in obtaining valid information for studies of such delicate issues as premarital conception and child spacing. By the use of record linkage he established firm relationships between age at marriage and premarital pregnancy and between premarital pregnancy and subsequent divorce.” Henry Bowman, of the University of Texas, received the Ernest Osborne Teaching Award. To his credit was a long history of outstanding teaching, writing, counseling, and related contributions to the field of family life. […]

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Membership in 1966–67

NCFR membership had reached approximately 6,700. During the Annual Conference, Evelyn Millis Duvall proposed that as many NCFR members as possible sponsor membership for foreign colleagues by paying their annual membership fees and then maintaining close contact by correspondence, sharing problems, resources and ideas. Read the March 1967 Newsletter V12 N1 Read the May 1967 Newsletter V12 N2 Read the November 1967 Newsletter V12 N3

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Leadership in 1966–67

William Smith became NCFR President at the end of the 1966 Annual Conference. He had been a member of the faculty at the Pennsylvania State University for many years and an active member and leader in NCFR. During Smith’s presidency, the NCFR Executive Committee met in Washington, DC, with key people from the various federal government agencies who were concerned with families, children, and youth, to learn about their programs and to advise them of NCFR’s willingness to be of service. His Presidential Address included the following comments: In family and community life we tend to suffer from a hardening of the […]

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Journals in 1965–66

Marvin Sussman was appointed for a second term as Editor the Journal of Marriage and the Family, extending his tenure to 1969. He chaired a special committee for the publication of research from western Europe, and an “International” section was added to the journal.

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Awards in 1965–66

Vladimir de Lissovoy, chair of the Osborne Award Committee, announced that sufficient funds had been reached, and the first Osborne Award was presented to Roberta Frasier Anderson, Oregon State University Extension Family Life Specialist. After her retirement, she served on the Oregon Commission on Aging. The names of the many contributors to the award fund were published in the NCFR newsletter.

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Membership in 1965–66

The NCFR Board and executive committees worked on ways of expanding services to practitioners, and the decision was made to publish an additional journal. The Family Coordinator was designed to meet practitioners’ needs. Membership in NCFR reached its highest peak: 5,500. Income reported for 1966 was $89,818. That year, one of NCFR’s most dedicated clergymen and ninth President, Msgr. John O’Grady. died. Read the February 1966 Newsletter (Vol. 11, No. 1) Read the May 1966 Newsletter (Vol. 11, No. 2) Read the August 1966 Newsletter (Vol. 11, No. 3) Read the December 1966 Newsletter (Vol. 11,  No. 4)

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Structure and Governance in 1965–1966

A Family Life Education Commission was established to study K–12 curricula and to establish guidelines for curriculum. James Walters served as chair. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Family Life Education Committee developed a program of in-service training for medical doctors, to be used in the curricula of medical schools. The Research Committee was renamed “Research and Theory.” The revisions to the NCFR Constitution were accepted by the membership.

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1966 Conference: Family Potentials in a Cybernetic Culture

The 1966 Annual Conference was held in Minneapolis at the Leamington Hotel, October 27–29. The theme was “Family Potentials in a Cybernetic Culture.” William Smith was the program chair. The opening plenary address was entitled “Cyberculture, the Family and Leisure.” Family and community in an urban society and retraining disadvantaged Black men were other major themes. More than 500 people attended, and the proceedings were prepared by Murray A. Straus, Editor of the Journal of Marriage and the Family. These included plenary addresses and abstracts of section programs. Nye‘s Presidential Address was titled “Values, Family and a Changing Society.” The Burgess Address was given […]

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