Structure and Governance in 1975–76

A Task Force on the Job Market was organized by student members. President Carlfred Broderick held planning meetings involving the President, President-Elect, and the Executive Director prior to the Executive Committee and Board meetings in order to build greater continuity and smoother functioning of NCFR. President-Elect Bill Nichols, also made chair-elect appointments, including Constantina Safilios-Rothschild as International Liaison Committee Chair; John W. Metler as Membership Committee Chair; Herman Williams, Public Relations Committee Chair; and Wallace Fulton and Richard N. Hey as Finance Committee Co-Chairs.

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1976 Conference: Family and Sex Roles

The 1976 Annual Conference was held in New York City, October 19–23. The theme was “Family and Sex Roles.” The conference focused on the texture and substance of ongoing daily life between critical events. The major objective was to examine critically how families define and handle problems in the contest of their regular living arrangements and important relationships. The program chair was Constantina Safilios-Rothschild. Local arrangements chair was Norma L. Newmark. The conference drew 1,350 professionals, including 231 students. Plenary speakers included Lois Wladis Hoffman, who spoke on “Social Change, the Family, and Sex Differences”; Robert R. Bell, who spoke on “Adult Male Sex […]

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Leadership in 1975–76

Carlfred Broderick, NCFR’s 33rd President, was a professor sociology at the University of Southern California. He was a noted author, therapist, and father of eight children. He had also been editor of the Journal of Marriage and the Family. The following is an excerpt from his Presidential Address: There is an impressive amount of evidence that fathering style is modeled partly on the style of interaction a man experiences in his daily occupation. Men who are themselves dominated by arbitrary employers or supervisors tend to take that as their model at home. Similarly, if they experience a respectful colleagueship at work, […]

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