Other Activities in 2000–01

The second annual Public Policy & Education Conference was held in Washington, DC, March 1–2, 2001, with 53 paid registrants attending. Committee chair was Tom Chibucos of Bowling Green State University. Attendees met with 33 congressional offices representing 23 states. Each office received a copy of the award-winning booklet “Public Policy through a Family Lens: Sustaining Families in the 21st Century.” Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-CT), received the NCFR Special Service to Families Award. Eleanor Clift, contributing editor to Newsweek, gave the keynote address. Lauren Fasig, SRCD Office of Policy and Communication, gave the Capitol Hill orientation; Theodora Ooms, Senior Policy Analyst at the […]

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Sections in 2000–01

The Family and Health Section welcomed a new focus group to the section, Issues in Aging Families, chaired by Christine Price. The Chronic Illness and Disability focus group, chaired by Glenna Boyce, was also a member of this Section. Ann Garwick was Family and Health Section chair. The Ethnic Minorities Section, chaired by Estella Martinez, completed the endowment requirements for the John McAdoo Dissertation Award. John McAdoo was a founding member of the Ethnic Minorities Section and a professor of Family and Child Ecology at Michigan State University. He was a prolific writer and the first to do research on African American fathers. […]

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Journals and Publications in 2000–01

Alexis Walker became the new editor of Journal of Marriage and Family, and Kay Pasley continued as editor of Family Relations. Both journals were mounted full-text on the JSTOR and Sociological Abstracts, giving NCFR members access to full texts of all articles. In 2001, NCFR began to offer the first e-newsletter, called “Zippy News,” which was posted once a week on the Internet and contained brief news of interest to members. NCFR published, in both hardcover and paperback, Understanding Families Into the New Millennium: A Decade in Review, edited by Robert Milardo.

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Affiliates in 2000–01

In order to clarify Board roles in governance, Lane Powell, Association of Councils (AOC) President, presented to the Board a distinction between and Affiliates and the Association of Councils. The AOC is a part of the NCFR bylaws, and therefore the Board requires a monitoring report from the AOC, whereas the Affiliates are more autonomous and self-sustaining. The AOC made its first awards for meritorious service at the 2000 Annual Conference and continued them. Recipients included Libby Blume, Roger Rubin, Raeann Hamon, Shulamit Ritblatt, and Anne Stanberry.

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Membership and Awards in 2000–01

The year-end report revealed 3,998 members; many new members had been brought in through the CFLE program. They tended to remain members longer. Read the March 2001 NCFR Report Magazine Read the June 2001 NCFR Report Magazine Read the September 2001 NCFR Report Magazine Read the December 2001 NCFR Report Magazine Awards and recipients this year were as follows: NCFR Student Award: Lenora McWey and Megan Murphy Jessie Bernard Research Proposal: Áine Humble, Oregon State University Jessie Bernard Contributions to Feminist Scholarship: Julie Kohler, University of Maryland Jon Trost Award: Gary Lee, University of Florida Reuben Hill Award: Liana C. Sayer and Suzanne Bianchi, University of Maryland  […]

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Structure and Governance in 2000–01

A refresher course on the Carver Model of Governance was conducted on June 16, 2001, by Susan Stratton, a Carver trainer. The Board continued to work on revisions of the Board Policy Handbook and the bylaws. NCFR’s financial health continued to be stable, with a fund balance of $907,588, assets of $1.6 million, and liabilities of $680,000.

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Leadership in 2000–01

The Board of Directors comprised the following: President: Steve Jorgensen President-Elect: Carol Darling Members-at-Large: Bill Allen, David Demo, Marilyn Flick, Leigh Leslie, and Joe Pittman President, Association of Councils: Lane Powell  Student/New Professionals Representative: Tammy Henderson  Sections were no longer on the Board, but included the following: EE, Patricia Tanner Nelson; EM, Estella Martinez; FH, Ann Garwick; FP, Dennis Orthner; FS, Deborah B. Gentry; FT, Richard Wampler; FF, Shelley MacDermid; IN, Stephen M. Wilson; RF, Dale Hawley; RT, Jane Gilgun; TCRM, David Fournier.

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Other Activities in 1999–2000

Under the leadership of Francisco Villarruel, the number of NCFR media entries increased to 97. NCFR increased its visibility nationally through press releases and contacts with reporters and was cited in  USA Today, the Associated Press, CBS Networks, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Also, several members appeared on TV, including William Doherty and Kay Hyatt. Outreach to Pacific Rim countries continued in efforts to establish Pacific Rim Family Life Education Certification. On March 23–24, Mary Jo Czaplewski, Executive Director emeritus, and Carol Matusicky, Director of the BC Council for Families, conducted successful seminars on family life education to over 800 teachers and […]

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Sections in 1999–2000

Cheryl Buehler and Bill Doherty of the Board Governance Policy Committee drafted new policies for NCFR Sections and the Board using the Carver governance model. The following wording was approved: The Board shall be responsible for: assuring that Sections’ organizational, programmatic and fiscal practices are not inconsistent with the purposes that Sections serve in NCFR and the procedures in the Section Policy Handbook developed by the Section Chairs and approved by the Board. By November 1 and/or prior to the Annual Conference, the outgoing Sections chairs shall prepare their Section reports for the incoming Section chairs. NCFR staff will assist […]

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Journals and Publications in 1999–2000

Allen Press took over the management and marketing of the journals and reported increases in subscribership. U.S. and foreign institutional subscriptions totaled 3,205, an overall increase of 8%. Individual subscribers increased by 35% for both journals. The NCFR membership approved of a name change for The Journal of Marriage and the Family. Thus, the two “the’s” were dropped and the title became Journal of Marriage and Family. A new mission statement for this journal was also approved: The Journal of Marriage and Family publishes original theory, research, and critical discussion. JMF encourages submissions on a wide variety of topics having to do […]

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