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Journals and Publications and Other Activities in 2009–10

In 2010, the Journal of Marriage and Family published its traditional “Decade in Review” issue. In July 2010, the NCFR headquarters offices relocated to a more centralized location in Minneapolis that is more convenient to downtown, freeway access, and the lightrail line. It now shares a building with the regional American Red Cross chapter.

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Other Activities in 2005–06

Because of fiscal concerns, the Annual Public Policy Conference was suspended for 2006. A Margaret Feldman Scholarship Award Committee was appointed, led by Debra Berke as chair. This was to honor Feldman‘s many years of service to NCFR. During the spring of 2006, the NCFR Washington, DC, office was closed, which entailed a long legal process. The closure was due to NCFR’s leaving the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center project administration. On June 13, 2006, Executive Director Emeritus Ruth Jewson passed away at age 92 after a lengthy illness. She was a loved and revered leader who led the initiation […]

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Other Activities in 2003–04

The Fifth Annual Policy Conference was jointly sponsored with AAFCS and NCFR in Washington, DC, on April 1 and 2, 2004. The theme was “Families at the Crossroads,” and it focused on the four issues of Medicare, education, health care, and the economy.  The recipient of the NCFR Special Services to Families Award was Rep. Dennis DeFazio (D-OR) for his work with military families. In the wake of Margaret Feldman’s retirement and move back to Ithaca, NY, NCFR opened a policy office in Washington, DC, at the Instate Natural Gas Association of America. An Emerging Leadership Training Institute was held on November […]

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Sections and Other Activities in 2002–03

Section chairs were as follows: EE, H. Wallace Goddard; EM, Wynona Bryant-Williams; FH, Teresa W. Julian; FP, Patricia Dyk; FS, Laura S. Smart; FT, Kathleen Briggs; FF, Anisa Zvonkovic; IN, Jacki Fitzpatrick; RF, Thomas W. Roberts; RT, Ann C. Crouter. A series of fact sheets and policy briefs were published and marketed with the grant money from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Fact sheets were “Assuring the Future: Family Life Education,” “Family Caregivers: Helping Families Meet the Needs of Older Adults,” “Health and Economic Well-Being of Rural Families,” and “Marriage Promotion in Low-Income Families.” The policy briefs included “Effective Mothering in […]

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Sections and Other Activities in 2001–02

Elected Section officers for 2002–2004 were as follows: EE, Lynnette Olson, chair-elect; EM, Farrell Webb, chair-elect; FH, Barbara Mandleco, chair-elect; FS, Laura Smart, chair; and FT, Volker Thomas, chair-elect. An Annie E. Casey Foundation Grant of $75,000 was given to NCFR for the purpose of developing teams of researchers and practitioners to provide a special issue of Family Relations and fact sheets on issues of families and children of concern. The Third Annual Public Policy Conference took place April 18–19, 2002, in Washington, DC. The theme was “Mid-Term Progress: Economic Stability for Families.” Over 76 attendees participated in dialogue regarding the Temporary […]

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Other Activities in 2000–01

The second annual Public Policy & Education Conference was held in Washington, DC, March 1–2, 2001, with 53 paid registrants attending. Committee chair was Tom Chibucos of Bowling Green State University. Attendees met with 33 congressional offices representing 23 states. Each office received a copy of the award-winning booklet “Public Policy through a Family Lens: Sustaining Families in the 21st Century.” Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-CT), received the NCFR Special Service to Families Award. Eleanor Clift, contributing editor to Newsweek, gave the keynote address. Lauren Fasig, SRCD Office of Policy and Communication, gave the Capitol Hill orientation; Theodora Ooms, Senior Policy Analyst at the […]

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Other Activities in 1999–2000

Under the leadership of Francisco Villarruel, the number of NCFR media entries increased to 97. NCFR increased its visibility nationally through press releases and contacts with reporters and was cited in  USA Today, the Associated Press, CBS Networks, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Also, several members appeared on TV, including William Doherty and Kay Hyatt. Outreach to Pacific Rim countries continued in efforts to establish Pacific Rim Family Life Education Certification. On March 23–24, Mary Jo Czaplewski, Executive Director emeritus, and Carol Matusicky, Director of the BC Council for Families, conducted successful seminars on family life education to over 800 teachers and […]

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Other Activities in 1998–99

A retirement reception was held at the College of Human Ecology on the University of Minnesota campus to honor Dr. Mary Jo Czaplewski’s 15 years of service. A scholarship award was established in her honor for experienced scholars who wished to get additional training in administration and management for the purpose of moving into administration. Michael Benjamin, the new Executive Director of NCFR, held a Master’s of Public Health from Yale University with a major in mental health administration. His previous job was as Executive Director of the Institute for Mental Health Initiatives in Washington, DC. He had experience in grant […]

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Other Activities in 1994–95

The International 4th World Conference on Women was held in Beijing, China, September 4–15,1995. Over 189 countries and governments attended and ratified the platform statement. Marilyn Bensman, Margaret Feldman, Harriette Pipes McAdoo, M. Janice Hogan, Lynda Walters, and Mary Jo Czaplewski were involved over a 3-year period. Meetings were held in Vienna, Austria; New York; and Beijing/Huairou, China. NCFR sent McAdoo, Feldman, and Czaplewski as official delegates with observer status to these two Chinese cities (i.e., Beijing and Huairou). There they presented a workshop on Family Life Education, Research and Policy. Others from NCFR who attended were Verna Hildebrand, Lucy Jackson Bayles and Dorothy Cudabeck. […]

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Journals and Publications and Other Activities in 1993–94

In 1994, an updated edition of Graduate Study in Marriage and Family: A Guide to Master’s and Doctoral Programs in the United States and Canada, edited by John Touliatos, was published (Human Sciences Publications). The International Year of the Family workshop took place this year in Black Mountain, NC, and the International Fourth World Conference on Women was held in Beijing, China.

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