Structure and Governance in 1964–65

The International Union of Family Organization’s Scientific Commission, headed by Pierre de Bie of Belgium, was founded this year, with NCFR giving it major financial support. Vladimir de Lissavoy was chair of the NCFR committee to explore new areas in which family life education could express itself, such as in prisons and unwed mother’s homes. The committee encouraged regional groups to promote such efforts. A Constitution Revision Committee was headed by James Walters. A Family Life Liaison Committee was formed, uniting the NCFR, the American Association of Marriage Counselors, and the Groves Conference with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists […]

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Journals in 1965–66

Marvin Sussman was appointed for a second term as Editor the Journal of Marriage and the Family, extending his tenure to 1969. He chaired a special committee for the publication of research from western Europe, and an “International” section was added to the journal.

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Awards in 1965–66

Vladimir de Lissovoy, chair of the Osborne Award Committee, announced that sufficient funds had been reached, and the first Osborne Award was presented to Roberta Frasier Anderson, Oregon State University Extension Family Life Specialist. After her retirement, she served on the Oregon Commission on Aging. The names of the many contributors to the award fund were published in the NCFR newsletter.

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Membership in 1965–66

The NCFR Board and executive committees worked on ways of expanding services to practitioners, and the decision was made to publish an additional journal. The Family Coordinator was designed to meet practitioners’ needs. Membership in NCFR reached its highest peak: 5,500. Income reported for 1966 was $89,818. That year, one of NCFR’s most dedicated clergymen and ninth President, Msgr. John O’Grady. died. Read the February 1966 Newsletter (Vol. 11, No. 1) Read the May 1966 Newsletter (Vol. 11, No. 2) Read the August 1966 Newsletter (Vol. 11, No. 3) Read the December 1966 Newsletter (Vol. 11,  No. 4)

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Structure and Governance in 1965–1966

A Family Life Education Commission was established to study K–12 curricula and to establish guidelines for curriculum. James Walters served as chair. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Family Life Education Committee developed a program of in-service training for medical doctors, to be used in the curricula of medical schools. The Research Committee was renamed “Research and Theory.” The revisions to the NCFR Constitution were accepted by the membership.

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Leadership in 1965–1966

Ivan Nye, NCFR’s 23rd President, was Distinguished Professor of Sociology at Florida State University, the University of Nebraska, and Washington State University. Nye was also an outstanding editor of NCFR’s Journal of Marriage and the Family. He currently lives in Mesa, AZ. Much of his research was cutting-edge work in the field of social control theory and juvenile delinquency. Here is an excerpt from a biography: Nye (1958) not only elaborated a social control theory of delinquency, but specified ways to ‘operationalize’ (measure) control mechanisms and related them to self-reports of delinquent behavior. He formulated the theory, having formally interviewed 780 young people in Washington […]

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Leadership in 1964–65

The 22nd President of NCFR was Clark E. Vincent, who served in 1964–65. He was a professor at Bowman Gray School of Medicine. During his presidency, Vincent focused on two major and closely related objectives: (a) to emphasize, reward, and give visibility to excellence in the teaching of family life education and (b) to develop, strengthen, and expand training centers for family life educators. He firmly believed that NCFR must establish in each state the principle of and procedures for certification of family life educators. An excerpt from Vincent‘s Presidential Address follows: Can a society undergo industrialization and/or remain highly industrialized without […]

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Journals and Publications in 1964–65

Marvin Sussman continued as Editor of the Journal of Marriage and Family and announced that the Russell Sage Foundation had awarded NCFR a grant for the preparation of a series of papers on government programs and social policies affecting families. A special issue on “American Poverty in the Mid-Sixties” was co-edited by Catherine Chilman and Sussman and was published in the November 1964 issue. Another special issue, on “Adolescents in the Mid-Sixties,” was dedicated to Ernest G. Osborne and co-edited by Clark E. Vincent and Sussman. It was published in May 1965. Regular publication of reports on the professional meetings of organizations […]

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Membership and Awards in 1964–65

A second directory of NCFR members was published in 1965. Read the March 1965 NCFR Newsletter Read the May 1965 NCFR Newsletter Read the September 1965 NCFR Newsletter Read the December 1965 NCFR Newsletter Vladimir de Lissovoy chaired the Osborne Award Committee, and Reuben Hill chaired the Burgess Award Committee. The 1965 Burgess Award winner was Clifford Kirkpatrick of Indiana University.

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1965 Conference: The Family in Context

The 1965 Annual Conference was held at the Park Plaza Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 20–23. The theme was “The Family in Context.” Frank Lock, President of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, gave the opening address, on “The Family in Medical Context.” Hans L. Zetterberg’s lecture was on “Social Theory and Social Practice.” Reuben Hill, in his Burgess Award Address, discussed “Current Developments in Family Theory.” Clark Vincent‘s Presidential address was titled “Familia Spongia: The Adaptive Function.” Ivan Nye was program chair, and Frank Fidler handled local arrangements. Some of the films scheduled to be shown at the conference […]

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