Other Activities in 1969–70

A resolution was sent to the National Conference on Citizens’ Rights in Broadcasting, urging them to bring to the attention of the TV networks the need for improving the portrayal of sex roles and family roles. NCFR also c-sponsored six 2-week courses on Family Life Education at the University of Minnesota, Colorado State University, Sheridan College, (Ontario, Canada), George Williams College (Chicago), the University of Iowa, and the University of Northern Iowa. NCFR and the American Home Economics Association cosponsored a national workshop on “Family Life Education Re­-Examined: Petition for the 70’s” at the University of Indiana, chaired by Evelyn I. […]

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Journals and Publications in 1969–70

William C. Nichols succeeded William Smith as Editor of Family Coordinator. Carlfred B. Broderick began his 5-year term as editor of the Journal of Marriage and the Family. The November issue of the journal carried Part 1 of “A Decade of Family Research and Action.” Additional articles appeared in the February and May issues. In 1970, NCFR published the first edition of the  National Directory of Graduate Programs in Family Studies/National Directory of Post Doctoral Opportunities in Family Studies/National Roster of Ongoing Research in Family Studies.

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Membership and Awards in 1969–70

A revised Membership Directory was published. Nearly 4,300 members paid dues of $20.00/year. The annual budget grew to $149,000. Read the March 1970 Newsletter V15 N1 Read the May 1970 Newsletter V15 N2 Read the August 1970 Newsletter V15 N3 Read the November 1970 Newsletter V15 N4 Carle C. Zimmerman of the University of New Hampshire was the Burgess Award recipient. In 1969, Mrs. Hugo Gernsback offered NCFR $500/year for 3 years, in honor of her husband, the former editor of the journal Sexology. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors voted to use the funds for student awards to be given to individuals with high potential for […]

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Structure and Governance in 1969–70

The Committee on Standards and Certification for Family Life Educators, chaired by Rose Somerville, presented the criteria for teacher preparation in family life and sex education at the business meeting. David H. Olson, chair of the Family Action Committee, reported on the accomplishments of the new section in its first full year of existence: The development of a Family Action Section The development of and publicity given to position papers on family life and sex education, and the Vietnam War and family life. The placement of a student representative on each of the major NCFR committees The implementation of the first […]

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Leadership in 1969–70

Richard N. “Dick” Hey, NCFR’s 27th President, was a professor in the Family Social Science Department at the University of Minnesota and a longtime member of NCFR. He was Chair of the Department of Family Social Science from 1970 to 1978 and a strong supporter of family life education. Dick was born of German parents in 1919 in Oklahoma and raised in a Baptist family with two brothers and a sister. After graduating from high school, he entered a Baptist seminary, but after a year decided that this was not his calling. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps (which later became the […]

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Other Activities in 1968–69

Family Life Education seminars were cosponsored by NCFR during the summer at Purdue University, Central Michigan University, Oklahoma State University, Brigham Young University, and the University of Colorado. Blaine Porter was chair of the committee that prepared the criteria for workshops and seminars cosponsored by NCFR and the various universities. There were 42 affiliate groups listed as members of NCFR.

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Journals and Publications in 1968–69

A special issue of the Journal of Marriage and the Family, on “Cross-Cultural Research,” was published, with Harold T. Christensen as Co-Editor. The circulation of the Journal of Marriage and the Family to libraries stood at 3,345, and Family Coordinator was distributed to 835. Permission was granted to reprint 443 articles from NCFR journals between 1965 and 1969.

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Membership and Awards in 1968–69

Membership had declined a little, to 4,277. Read the March 1969 Newsletter V14 N1 Read the May 1969 Newsletter V14 N2 Read the August 1969 Newsletter V14 N3 Read the October 1969 Newsletter V14 N4 Read the November 1969 Newsletter V14 N5 William Goode received the Burgess Award. His accomplishments helped bring status to family sociology as a field of scholarly pursuit. Richard N. Hey of the University of Minnesota and Sylvia Sacks of the University of Pennsylvania, shared the Osborne Award. The recipients of the first Annual NCFR Film Festival Awards were announced by Mary Lou Purcell, chair of the committee, who had reviewed […]

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Structure and Governance in 1968–69

At the 1969 Annual Conference a group of students and young professionals, led by David Olson and Roger Rubin, established a Family Action Group. In its brief 48-hour existence the group was recognized by the NCFR Executive Committee and given Committee and Section status in the organization. The committee’s purpose was the handling of organizational matters and the setting of objectives and priorities for family action. It was to be primarily responsible for planning the program of the Family Action Section at annual meetings. At that same time, students and young professionals were added to the Board of Directors and […]

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1969 Conference: Beyond an Anti-Family Society

The 1969 Annual Conference was held at the Sheraton Park Hotel, Washington, DC, in October. Richard N. Hey was program chair and chose as the theme “Beyond an Anti-Family Society.” Registration was $10.00 for regular members and $5.00 for student members. Plenary sessions included speaker Elizabeth D. Koontz, Director of the Women’s Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor, whose topic was “Making Societies Fit Families,” Ned Gaylin from the National Institute of Mental Health spoke on “Changing Social Institutions to Fit the Needs of Youth,” NCFR President Elizabeth Force spoke on “The Grand Premier of a New Play for Living,” and Jessie Bernard spoke […]

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