Membership in 1991–92

Gary Bowen delivered the final membership survey results to the Board. The questionnaire response rate was 1,748 (46.7%). NCFR professional identity showed that educators were highest, researchers next, and practitioners third. Rank-ordered NCFR objectives as to importance indicated the highest rank, at 4.2, was to establish professional standards; 3.9—promote and coordinate efforts in education and therapy; 3.5—further effective social action to strengthen family well-being; 3.4—to plan and act together on concerns relevant to all forms of marriage and family relationships; 3.2—encourage research; and 2.7—disseminate information. Read the March 1992 Newsletter V37 N1 Read the June 1992 Newsletter V37 N2 Read the September 1992 […]

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Structure and Governance in 1991–92

Peggy Dilworth-Anderson, chair of the Minority Issues Committee, gave some recommendations to the Board: (a) encouraging editors of the journals to commission papers on minority issues, publish special issues, and include minority issues in the Decade Review; (b) work with the Conference Program Vice President to include racial/ethnic minorities in the decision making and planning of the program for the Annual Conferences; c) as a board and organization, make special efforts to recruit racial/ethnic minority professionals and students to NCFR membership. That year, the NCFR fiscal year dates were changed from January 1–December 31 to July 1–June 30 in order to accommodate […]

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1992 Conference: Families and Work

The 1992 Annual Conference was held in Orlando, FL. The theme was “Families and Work.” Patricia Voydanoff was Program Vice President. A record-breaking number of 1,173 attendees enjoyed the many sessions.

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Leadership in 1991–92

Brent Miller, a professor at Utah State University, was the new NCFR President. His research has emphasized adolescent sexual behavior and pregnancy, especially as these relate to family contexts and processes. He is the author of several books and over 100 journal articles and book chapters, many published with students and colleagues. He has received several major research grants from federal agencies. His BS. degree, in psychology, is from Weber State University. His MS degree, in family relations, is from Utah State University. His PhD, in family sociology, was completed at the University of Minnesota prior to becoming a faculty […]

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