Other Activities in 1973–74

Leland Axelson, Ruth Jewson, and Richard Kerckhoff met with Sen. Walter Mondale (D-MN) and Sidney Johnson to explore ways NCFR could be helpful in relation to the hearings on “American Families: Trends and Pressures.” The Board sent a letter to Mondale expressing support for the Child and Family Services Act. Nadina R. Kavinoky, NCFR’s 8th President, died in November 1973. Her daughters characterized their mother as an enlightened woman decades before the phenomenon of women’s liberation. Her son considered her adventurous, full of surprises, challenged by anything new.

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Affiliates in 1973–74

The number of regional and state affiliates continued to grow, to three regionals and 36 states, and in 1974 membership in Affiliated Councils received a rebate of $1.00 for each state member (excluding student and emeritus members) who also were members of NCFR.  The following is a list of the 1974 active Councils and their presidents: Regional Councils: Rocky Mountain (CO, NM, UT, WY)—Gladys Phelan, President Southeastern (AL, FL, GA, NC, SC, VA, WV, TN, LA, MS, KY)—Kate Garner, President Tri-State (NY, NJ, CT)—Norma Newmark, President State Councils: Alabama—Ross Bell Northern California—Dorothy Seldon Orange County, California—J. I. Heidecke San Diego, CA—Robert […]

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Journals and Publications in 1973–74

The NCFR Task Force on Divorce published A Divorce and Divorce Reform Handbook.  Special journal issues that year were on the topics of “Aging and the Family,” edited by Felix Berardo, and “Marriage Counseling,” edited by William C. Nichols. They became available as paperbacks. In addition, a reader, Marriage and Family Therapy, containing articles from both journals, was edited by Nichols and made available for purchase. The NCFR newsletter added another column entitled: “Student News and Views.” A questionnaire sent to students drew over 600 responses and showed a great deal of student interest in the Affiliated Councils. Read the March […]

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Awards in 1973–74

The Osborne Award recipient of 1974 was Mary W. Hicks of Florida State University. The Burgess Award went to Robert O. Blood, formerly of the University of Michigan and then in private practice in Ann Arbor, MI. Ruth Jewson, the Executive Officer of NCFR, became the first recipient of the Distinguished Service to Families Award. The first Certificate of Commendation was awarded to Elizabeth Noland Jackson of the Social Health Association of Indianapolis, IN. Douglas Sprenkle of Purdue University was named Outstanding Student of the Year. Certificates of Merit went to Vincent Rue of the Saint Thomas More Clinic in California; Charles Figley of Purdue University; Peter […]

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Structure and Governance in 1973–74

Norman Lobsenz was named chair of the NCFR Public Relations Committee. He suggested that not enough people were aware of the NCFR and that each member should identify him- or herself as a member when being interviewed, when writing articles, and when called upon to speak. Eleanore B. Luckey became NCFR’s representative to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists committee.

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Leadership in 1973–74

Leland Axelson, NCFR’s 31st President, was a long-time member and will be remembered for his untiring efforts to increase NCFR’s membership rolls and services to practitioners. He was appointed by Gerald Leslie, 1971 President, to do the first “self-study” of NCFR’s membership needs. As a result of his findings, NCFR underwent some restructuring.  Axelson was a leader in recruiting racial/ethnic minority members to NCFR and encouraging them to fill leadership positions. He was also very interested in defining the discipline of “family studies” and in collaborating with other related professional organizations. As President, Axelson spearheaded one of the most successful Annual Conferences, jointly sponsored […]

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Other Activities in 1972–73

A Student Award Committee was activated to raise the necessary funds to continue the Student Award. In addition, the award became partially supported from the sale of the Graduate Program in the Family: Student Perspectives and, later, by a rebate of a portion of the student registration fees from the Annual Conference. The Executive Committee sent a telegram to Sen. Walter Mondale (D-MN) applauding his concern for the impact of government policies on families.

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Affiliates in 1972–73

In 1973 the Congress of Affiliated Councils was established to facilitate NCFR Affiliated Councils’ activities.  All regional representatives and Council presidents comprised the Congress. The Congress was represented on the NCFR Board of Directors by its Chair and Chair-Elect, who were elected by the Congress. It became possible for Affiliated Councils to receive tax exemption under the umbrella of NCFR.  In addition, a President’s fund, consisting of unused monies from NCFR Presidents’ allotments, was established by Eleanore B. Luckey to provide matching funds for proposals from the Affiliated Councils.

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Journals and Publications in 1972–73

Special issues of the Journal of Marriage and the Family in 1973 included “Women in Latin America” and “Moving and the Wife,” in May. The August issue was devoted to “New Social History of the Family.” Family Coordinator published a special issue in January 1973 on “Marriage Counseling,” with William C. Nichols as Editor. In 1973, the Directories of Graduate Programs in the Family Studies Field: Postdoctoral Opportunities in Family Studies; and National Roster of Ongoing Research in Family Studies, compiled by the Research and Theory Section, became available. Also, Dennis Orthner and Douglas Sprenkle, co-editors, published the second edition […]

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Membership and Awards in 1972–73

The first undergraduate Student Council on Family Relations was formed at the University of Wisconsin—Stout in 1973. Read the January 1973 Newsletter V18 N1 Read the March 1973 Newsletter V18 N2 Read the May 1973 Newsletter V18 N3 Read the August 1973 Newsletter V18 N4 Read the December 1973 Newsletter V18 N5 The 1973 Osborne Award recipients were Edward Pope of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Rebecca M. Smith of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The Burgess Award winner was Paul C. Glick, Chief Demographer with the U.S. Bureau of the Census. The Student Award went to Charles L. Cole of Iowa State University. The Distinguished Service […]

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