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NCFR’s executive secretaries

Did you know that between 1940 and 1953, NCFR was managed and coordinated by five executive “secretaries”? (In those days “director” was not a part of the management vocabulary.) From 1940-42, Mary K. White, a sociologist and demographer from University of Indiana, ran the office on the University of Chicago campus. From 1943-45 the office was managed by graduate students. From 1945-49 Evelyn Millis Duvall, who also served as secretary of the NCFR Board, coordinated the office at a salary of $1 per year. In 1952, Helen Johanson Hiltner, former publications director of the Butterick magazine, and an editorial staff […]

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NCFR moves to Minneapolis in 1955

In 1955, President Judson Landis chaired a relocation committee to study the possible move of headquarters from the University of Chicago. It was decided to move the offices to Minneapolis, MN over the opposition of several of the leaders.  From Drexell Avenue in Chicago, NCFR took up residence at 1219 University Ave. S.E., Minneapolis, on the second floor of the University Baptist Church. It remained there for the next 27 years, and has remained in Minneapolis since.The following announcement was made in the Sept. 15, 1955, NCFR newsletter: “The invitation was accepted to locate at the University of Minnesota for […]

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Leadership in 1956–57

David B. Treat, a much-loved pioneer in family life education, became NCFR’s 14th president. For 26 years, he had directed the Clara Elizabeth Fund for Maternal Health in Flint, MI. After his retirement, he and his wife moved to California. The following is an excerpt from Treat‘s Presidential Address: The dream of those who brought the National Council into being was to share the offering of many disciplines and many professions in the creation of a movement to strengthen families of America whenever and however they need help. Let all of us who are concerned with people and their families throw our […]

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Membership and Journals and Publications in 1957–58

A motion was passed urging all NCFR members, acting through local, state, and regional councils, to support actively the effort for better national marriage and divorce statistics. Read the March 1958 NCFR Newsletter Read the May 1958 NCFR Newsletter Read the October 1958 NCFR Newsletter Gerald R. Leslie was Acting Editor of Marriage and Family Living (MFL) while Editor Harold Christensen was in Denmark on a Research Fulbright Fellowship. A special issue of MFL was published in August 1958 on the topic “Government Services Affecting American families.” Hugh Carter, Chief of the Marriage and Divorce Analysis section of the National Office of […]

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Leadership in 1959–60

The 17th President was Aaron Rutledge. He had served as the director of the Division of Behavioral Sciences in the Department of Family Medicine at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. He was also director of the Grosse Pointe Psychological Center. For many years he was head of the Counseling & Psychotherapy Program at the Merrill–Palmer Institute. He also served as President of the American Association of Marriage and Family Counselors. The following is an excerpt from Rutledge‘s Presidential Address: Whether or not they know it, all counselors are dealing with unconscious material. For too long the admonition has been that […]

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Leadership in 1963–64

Blaine R. Porter became the 21st NCFR President. He was then Professor and head of the Department of Human Development and Family Relationships at Brigham Young University (BYU) and was a widely known lecturer. His distinguished teaching and leadership led BYU to honor him with the designation “University Professor”; he was the first person in BYU’s history to be so honored. His Presidential Address was titled “American Teenagers of the 1960s—Our Despair or Hope?” The following is an excerpt: Our  youths are still in a state of becoming; and in order to become the best, to experience the best within them, they […]

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Other Activities in 1970–71

NCFR and the American Home Economics Association (now American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences) cosponsored a national workshop on the family at Indiana University. The theme was “Family Life Education Re-examined: Action for the 70s.” Evelyn Rouner was chair. Muriel Brown and Felix Berardo represented NCFR on task forces for the 1971 White House Conference on Aging. Evelyn Millis Duvall compiled a bibliography on Aging Family Member Roles and Relationships. At a special concerns session on the older family, organized by Ruth Jewson, she discussed familial, marital, and sexual needs of the aging. David Mace and James A. Peterson […]

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Awards in 1973–74

The Osborne Award recipient of 1974 was Mary W. Hicks of Florida State University. The Burgess Award went to Robert O. Blood, formerly of the University of Michigan and then in private practice in Ann Arbor, MI. Ruth Jewson, the Executive Officer of NCFR, became the first recipient of the Distinguished Service to Families Award. The first Certificate of Commendation was awarded to Elizabeth Noland Jackson of the Social Health Association of Indianapolis, IN. Douglas Sprenkle of Purdue University was named Outstanding Student of the Year. Certificates of Merit went to Vincent Rue of the Saint Thomas More Clinic in California; Charles Figley of Purdue University; Peter […]

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Other Activities in 1973–74

Leland Axelson, Ruth Jewson, and Richard Kerckhoff met with Sen. Walter Mondale (D-MN) and Sidney Johnson to explore ways NCFR could be helpful in relation to the hearings on “American Families: Trends and Pressures.” The Board sent a letter to Mondale expressing support for the Child and Family Services Act. Nadina R. Kavinoky, NCFR’s 8th President, died in November 1973. Her daughters characterized their mother as an enlightened woman decades before the phenomenon of women’s liberation. Her son considered her adventurous, full of surprises, challenged by anything new.

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1980 Conference: The Quality of Family Life: Integrating Theory, Research, and Application

The 1980 Annual Conference was held at the Hilton Hotel, Portland, OR, October 22–25. Wesley R. Burr was program chair and chose the theme “The Quality of Family Life: Integrating Theory, Research, and Application.” About 800 attended. Urie Bronfenbrenner of Cornell University gave the opening plenary address, “Environmental Stresses and Supports in Parent–Child Activities.” He was sponsored by the students. Moncrieff Cochran, also of Cornell, discussed “Informal Support Systems.” Augustus Napier of Atlanta, GA, addressed the conference on “Marriage in Crisis: A Systems Perspective on Treatment and Prevention.” A panel consisting of Reuben Hill, Joan Aldous, Greer Litton Fox, Felix Berardo, and Jazcqueline Wiserman […]

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