Affiliates and Other Activities in 1978–79

By the end of the 1970s, there were 40 state, two provincial, three regional, two local, and two student Affiliated Councils of NCFR. An international seminar on “The Child and the Family” was sponsored at Gustavus Adolphus College, Minnesota, by the International Section and the Committee on Family Research of the International Sociological Association. The NCFR Resource and Referral Center, under the direction of Margaret Bodley, began functioning at headquarters, funded by a grant from the Stewart Mott Foundation. The Center—far ahead of its time as a database—was established to accomplish the following tasks: (1) collect, index, and store and retrieve family-related information for […]

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Journals and Publications in 1978–79

John Scanzoni of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, became the second editor of the NCFR Monograph Series. Family Coordinator was renamed Family Relations: Journal of Applied Family and Child Studies. This was to begin with the January 1980 issue, with Jim Walters continuing as Editor. NCFR became the official sponsor of the Journal of Family History. The Board approved a processing fee for all manuscripts submitted to NCFR publications. The special issue of Journal of Marriage and the Family that year covered the topic “Family Policy Research.” Guest editors for this issue were Ivan Nye and Gerald W. McDonald. Robert Lewis and Joseph […]

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Awards in 1978–79

Mary Lou Purcell, then a professor at Stephens College, was the Osborne Award recipient. She went on to teach at Auburn University. The Burgess Award was given to Glen H. Elder of Cornell University. He later taught at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Distinguished Service to Families Award went to John Money, Professor of Medical Psychology at Johns Hopkins University. The E.C. Brown Foundation and Levi Strauss & Co. received Certificates of Commendation for their work on families. Catherine Surra Stump of the University of Arizona was the recipient of the Outstanding Student Award. Runners-up were Walter Schumm of Purdue University; […]

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Membership in 1978–79

Leland Axelson and Paul Glick researched a 25% sample of NCFR members for another membership survey. They reported that 33% of the respondents considered NCFR their primary professional association. Strong support was found for NCFR to continue to take a strong stand on controversial issues. Significant differences in attitudes and beliefs appeared to make the choice of issues difficult.  Challenging topics for the 1980s were identified, in descending order as follows: Divorce, separation and desertion Variant lifestyles, Child abuse and family violence Marital communication/marital enrichment Age and aging families Changing sex roles Single parenting Public policy and the family The […]

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Structure & Governance in 1978–79

The Counseling Section changed its name to the Family Therapy Section and voted to set up an award to recognize outstanding articles on family counseling, research, or theory and to recognize outstanding presentations in the Counseling Section’s annual conference programs. The International Section established its purposes as threefold: (1) to promote international research on families, (2) to facilitate communication among international family scholars, and (3) to foster a better understanding of family-related developments throughout the world. David  Baptiste was elected  by the Black Caucus and then appointed by the Board President to serve as liaison between the Caucus and the Board.  Note that […]

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Leadership in 1978–79

Paul C. Glick, the 36th President of NCFR, was a well-known family demographer. He worked for 40 years at the Bureau of the Census and was also a distinguished scholar and adjunct professor in the Department of Sociology at Arizona State University. He was born in 1911 and died in 2006 at the age of 95. An award was established in his honor at DePauw University. This award is given annually to a DePauw senior who has demonstrated academic excellence in the Sociology and Anthropology Department. In his Presidential Address, Glick made the following observations: NCFR members tend to follow the divorce patterns of […]

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Affiliates and Other Activities in 1977–78

Vi Rexford chaired the Affiliated Councils in 1978. A District of Columbia Council was established that also included Maryland and Virginia members, which were in close proximity to DC. Marie Peters and David A. Baptiste wrote a paper on the current and future roles of racial/ethnic minority members in NCFR.  A position statement on “Concerns of NCFR’s Black Members” was accepted. Robert Staples, Marie F. Peters, and David Baptiste organized a minority caucus that became the Ethnic Minorities Section of NCFR. Representatives of this section were placed on the NCFR Board of Directors and on all standing committees. A voluntary system of identifying […]

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Journals and Publications in 1977–78

A special issue of the Journal of Marriage and the Family was edited by Marie Peters on the topic of “Black Families.” The Family Coordinator special issue, edited by Timothy H. Brubaker and Laurence E. Sneden, was devoted to “Aging in a Changing Society.” The Journal of Family History June issue carried articles from the Shelby Collom Davis Center for Historical Studies, and the December issue had a collection of essays about “The Family in Latin America.” The Monograph Series, published by Ralph La Rossa, was dedicated to “Conflict and Power in Marriage: Expecting the First Child.” Volume 1 of Contemporary Theories About the […]

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Awards in 1977–78

The Burgess Award went to noted gerontologist Ethel Shanas of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Mary E. Heltsley of Iowa State University was the recipient of the Osborne Award. The Distinguished Service to Families Award went to Norman Fenton, Superior Court Justice in Pima County, AZ. McDonalds Restaurants received the Commendation of Merit Certificate. The Outstanding Student Award was given to Rosemary Smith Nelson of the University of North Carolina, Greensboro; runners-up were David Weiss, Douglass College, Rutgers University; Karen Smith Wampler, University of Georgia; Joan M. Druckman, University of Alabama—Birmingham; and David Fournier, Oklahoma State University.

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Structure and Governance and Membership in 1977–78

Recommendations were made for Constitutional changes and were later accepted by mail ballot. An important change was the elimination of the Executive Committee of the Board. In 1978, membership held steady at 5,500. Each NCFR member belonged to a State Council, in states where councils had been established. Read the March 1978 Newsletter V23 N1 Read the May 1978 Newsletter V23 N2 Read the August 1978 Newsletter V23 N3 Read the December 1978 Newsletter V23 N4

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