Leadership 1986–87

Hamilton I. McCubbin became NCFR’s 44th President. At the time of his election, McCubbin was Dean of the School of Family Resources and Consumer Sciences, University of Wisconsin—Madison. He was a native of Hawaii and a former military officer. His scholarship focused on family resiliency and racial relations. His research was dedicated to answering the question “What is it about families that motivates them to rise above adversity, and in their own ways to make both big and small contributions to, and sacrifices for, each other in the midst of chaos and unpredictability?” (His autobiography and professional career are detailed in Pioneering Paths in […]

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Structure and Governance in 1986–87

During this year the NCFR central office changed its accounting system from a cash to an accrual accounting form and computerized all the financial management systems in order to be more accurate as a nonprofit organization. The year ended in a balanced budget of $171,266. Greer Litton Fox became chair of a long-range planning committee charged with the responsibility of providing a vision of the future and general strategies for the NCFR.

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Awards in 1986–87

Anthony F. Jurich of Kansas State University received the Osborne Award. Coretta Scott King of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Non-Violent Change received the Distinguished Service to Families Award and gave a brief address. Jennifer Glass, of the University of Notre Dame, and Vern Bengston and Charlotte Chorn Dunham, of the University of South Carolina received the Reuben Hill Award. The Student Award went to Cathy H. Davis of the University of Georgia and Maureen Perry-Jenkins of  Pennsylvania State University.

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Membership in 1986–87

The January 1987 membership count stood at 3,513. Student membership was 717. The board approved of student members receiving both the Journal of Marriage and the Family and Family Relations with their membership dues. Section dues were raised to $5.00 for professional members, and for students they were set at $3.00 per Section. A motion was passed that if a Section did not have enough money to cover Section costs, and if the membership of a Section fell below 100, the Section would be considered insolvent and given 12 months to increase its funds or disband. Sections had to support their chair’s […]

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CFLE in 1986–87

The CFLE program continued to grow. A massive marketing campaign for the Experience Recognition Program brought in 282 CFLE applicants. Applications were received from clinicians in family agencies, mental health centers, and private practice; college and university faculty; high school and elementary teachers; Planned Parenthood centers; clergy; and health professionals. A streamlined certification application process for individuals with 5 or more years of experience as a family life educator was also made available. View a Certified Family Life Educator acceptance letter from 1987. The CFLE Review Committee consisted of Richard Hey, chair; Betty Barber; Marion Hill; Stephen Jorgensen; and Carol MacKinnon. The Continuing Education Committee […]

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Other Activities in 1986–87

Given the President’s emphasis on fundraising, a special event—“Focus on the Future of Families,” chaired by Britton Wood—was held. It was a one-woman show based on five generations of women from one family. Also, Matti Gershenfeld spoke on “Looking Forward Toward NCFR’s Second 50 years.” During that year, a total of $28,726 in pledges was raised. This was the first of a 5-year fund campaign. Most of those funds went to NCFR Awards endowments. Britton Wood succeeded Graham Spanier as Fund Development chair. There were three subcommittees formed: the Committee of Former NCFR Presidents, chaired by Lee Axelson; the Committee […]

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Affiliates in 1986–87

The Association of Councils devoted an issue of their newsletter, Feedback, to fundraising for nonprofit organizations. They also instigated a new venture, the “Adopt a Neighbor Program,” which encouraged stronger state councils to adopt less strong councils for their annual meetings. Membership activities were states as a priority within the states. The President’s Fund,” created originally by former President Eleanor Luckey, was abolished, and the money in the fund ($2,860) was allocated to the Association of Councils for its discretionary use. The Texas Council on Family Relations and NCFR collaborated in reviving the Guide to Graduate Family Programs and marketed […]

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Journals and Publications in 1986–87

Timothy Brubaker became Editor of Family Relations in January 1987 and made several changes. These included a larger page size and a three-column layout, larger typefaces and photographs on the cover, and several new sections dedicated to “Family Life Education,” “Family Interventions,” “Young Professionals,” “Resources Review Essays,” “Book Briefs,” and “Family Resource Database.” The editorial policy was to publish articles and studies with practical applications. “Rural Families: Stability and Change” was the title of a special issue of the October issue, guest edited by Charles B. Hennon and Ramona Marotz-Baden. Linda Thompson began a 5-year term as editor of the […]

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Affiliates and Other Activities in 1985–86

The Michigan Council on Family Relations sponsored the hospitality room at the national conference, as well as the opening reception. At the November Board meeting, the CFLE program was approved for special recognition of professional competence and contributions. It was to be marketed as the “Experience Recognition Program.” Family Life Educators with 5 or more years’ experience were invited to submit applications through June of 1988. The CFLE Standard Application program would continue to be in effect for those with less than 5 years’ experience as Family Life Educators. Dr. Joyce Portner was hired in June to direct the CFLE program at 10 hours per […]

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Journals and other Publications and Membership in 1985–86

The Family Resources Database published an annotated bibliography on Teen Pregnancy that sold over 300 copies. This was a trial experiment in producing hard copy from the Database that may have proved to be profitable. Read the March 1986 Newsletter V31 N1 Read the June 1986 Newsletter V31 N2 Read the September 1986 Newsletter V31 N3 Read the December 1986 Newsletter V31 N4

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